Mid 20’s


Homid Galliard Black Furies

Berenike “Bere” Rhea assist Raven at the women’s shelter. She has a degree in Counseling from Washington University. She treats the women and acts as the site counselor.

She also has developed an innovative art therapy program that is seeing incredible results. She has just began to receive accolades for this and it is fueling her ambition.

Born and raised in St. Louis by her single mother who was a kinfolk. She excelled in school when she was not beating the nearest alpha males asses. Art and music where her thing while attending Nerinx high school. She became interested in Psychology when she attended Washington University where she got her Masters in Counseling. She is just about to complete her PhD in Counseling this year.

Berenike is a member of the the Shadow Pack.


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