Medical Student



Crystal Stoyer

Killed by the Pack in an ambush in 1998

Crystal rotated in the same circles as Abigail Morning Kill. She was quiet and viewed as a little “off”.

She might have even gone to the same school as Abigail.

Multiple Personalities

The character’s psyche has split into multiple facets, each one manifesting as some aspect of the character’s core personality or filling a particular “need.” For example, a werewolf might develop a “hunter” persona that takes over whenever the character feels hunger. In most cases, each personality has no idea the others exist, and can’t quite explain the gaps in his or her memory. The Storyteller and player work together to determine the number and nature of the character’s various personalities, and what circumstances might cause a given persona
to assume command. These personalities might manifest different Abilities, if the Storyteller allows.



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