Crow on Narrow Hand


She rarely spends time in her homid form. When she does she is of Norwegian descent with light brown hair and hazel eyes. She has no accent.


Lupus Ahroun Get of Fenris

Crow on a Narrow Hand was born in the Endangered Wolf Sanctuary and she took over the group. The kinfolk running the sanctuary kept an eye on her and oversaw her first change by the time a garou arrived on the scene. The sept took her in and showed her their ways.

She gets stuck on ideas, hatreds and passions and will not let them go. She will go over them again and again. Forget about forgiveness or getting over a slight to her or a hatred. She will take it to her grave.

She is the favorite of Slippery Arrow.

Belongs to the Wall pack as a Guardian.

Crow on Narrow Hand

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