Dark Tree that Laughs



Rough around the edges. Laughs at the most inappropriate times. His smiles are usually him just barring his teeth before he bites someone.

He resides in his homid form to show submission to the pack or when interacting with the Sept. When out on patrol he is locked in lupus form.


Lupus Shadow Lords Ahroun


His mother was brought over from Bosnia with the other refugees in the mid-90’s.

A year ago, during a mission to hunt down a local vampire Marcus was killed. Dark Tree that Laughs was the first to arrive but doesn’t speak of what he saw.

Shortly after the death of Marcus, Dark Tree left the Sovereigns to join The Wall pack.

Until recently he belonged to the Wall pack. During a violent incident with the Sovereigns he was asked to join the new pack of Garou.

Dark Tree was killed by an elder Black Spiral Dancer while on a raid of the underground facility at the Contamination Site A – Glen Park.

Dark Tree that Laughs

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