Denise Rothchild

Birth mother of Abigail


Denise is Silver Fang Kinfolk and she comes from one of the most wealthy and powerful families in Europe.

She grew up in St. Louis and has lived in west St. Louis county all her life. She met Franklin Ralston 20 years ago and the two had an off again, on again relationship for the next two decades.

Denise gave birth to a girl, Abigail Morning Kill in 1980 and she was carefully looked after by the her entire family. Abigail began to notice that she was different from all the other affluent kids in private school and she began to exert her intense influence in a non-typical Garou way. Her mother decided to tell her about her heritage around the age of 14. When Abigail was 16 they threw her debutante ball and she was introduced to her father and step-brother Matteo Elia Ralston aka Little Chief.

Her mother has understood that when she finally changes that she will have to let go of her daughter and let her father take over as the dominant parent.

Denise Rothchild

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