Jaggling Bane of rebellion


This thing looks like an androgynous human with bright wings and heavy armor. The creature is pregnant, very pregnant.


Rage: 7

Willpower: 10

Gnosis: 8

Essence: 40


Corruption: The spirit whispers a suggestion to the target, and the target acts upon it. The Storyteller rolls Gnosis (difficulty of the target’s Willpower). This Charm can be used across the Gauntlet.

Possession: The spirit may inhabit a living being or inanimate object. The Storyteller rolls Gnosis (difficulty equal to the victim’s Willpower, or 4 for an object). The possession takes the time indicated:
Successes Time Taken
1 six hours
2 three hours
3 one hour
4 15 minutes
5 five minutes
6+ instantaneous
The spirit can take no other actions. If it does, or is engaged in spirit combat, the link is broken. A spirit that possesses a human can warp and change the victim’s body, making a fomor (see p. 428 for more on fomori). Possession is permanent.

Materialize: The spirit takes physical form on Earth. The spirit’s Gnosis must be equal to or greater than the area’s Gauntlet rating. The spirit appears the same in the material world as it does in the Umbra. The spirit uses its Traits in the same way as it would in the Umbra, rather than having Attributes and Abilities. Materialized spirits do possess health levels like other corporeal beings. If a spirit dies in the material world, it returns to the Umbra and enters Slumber, just as if the spirit had lost all of its Essence in the Umbra. Most spirits won’t use this Charm except in extraordinary circumstances; the modern world is far from welcoming to their kind.

Realm Sense: The spirit can sense what transpires in its Domain both in the Umbra and on Earth. Sensing a specific area requires a successful Gnosis roll. Though this Charm is usually associated with Naturae (woodland spirits of Gaia), most spirits bound to an area possess this ability. Spirits without direct ties to a location on Earth may have this Charm, but are only able to sense their dens in Near-Umbral Realms or home Domains.

Re-form: The spirit can dissolve its body in order to travel through the Umbra to their home Domains. It takes a spirit a full turn to try to re-form. The Storyteller must roll the spirit’s Gnosis successfully for this Charm to succeed. Spirits use this Charm to flee their enemies.

Armor: By spending two points of Essence, the spirit gains a soak pool equal to its Gnosis for the remainder of the scene.

Swift Flight: The spirit can fly at three times the normal speed, up to 60 + (Willpower x3) yards or meters per turn.


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