Red Ryder


Homid Theurge Wendigo

Aucaman Nanuq raised by kinfolk in Carbondale IL near Shawnee National Forest. He was home schooled and within the garou nation.

His family moved after his father was killed in an attack by the Wyrm on the sept. He was brought in my Wendigo kinfolk in St. Louis and his first change happened at the Gateway Sept.

He is kind of a loner, really only talking to his fellow pack mates when necessary. He is dedicated to destroying the Wyrm in all it’s forms. He spends quite a bit of time in the Umbra tending to the spirits around the sept. Those being his only friends.

Aucaman is a member of the Raging Tooth Pack.

Red Ryder was killed while on a raid of the underground facility at the Contamination Site A – Glen Park.

Red Ryder

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