Rolling Rock


30’s male, graying hair.


Homid Philodox Get of Fenris

Ruben Stein Hansen works for the parks department as a ranger.

His upbringing was tough. His father was passing through during a Moot and his mother was a kinfolk. She drank a lot to forget her life and the fact that she never became a Garou.

Ruben was bullied when he was young until he was able to defend himself, then he took over and was a rough arbiter. He never bullied anyone but he made sure there was no one being bullied. He was both liked and hated when he attended SLUH. He played football until his change that took place during a game. He managed to run off into Forest Park before anyone saw him change.

He got a job with the St. Louis Parks department and has been a ranger ever since.

Ruben is a member of the Raging Tooth Pack.

Rolling Rock was killed while on a raid of the underground facility at the Contamination Site A – Glen Park.

Rolling Rock

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