Shiny Falling Weasel


Jimmy Willee is a Hipster Duffus. He is tall, lanky and constantly falling down or just tripping over nothing.


Ragabash Homid Bone Gnawers

Jimmy Willee grew up on the streets of St. Louis with his mother. The were homeless until he went through the first change. Then the sept took him in and he was able to get his mother in to rehab and a permanent home.

He resides in the Cherokee district in St. Louis and runs with the late night hipsters. Going to places ironically and drinking PBR.

Some believe that he is putting on a hipster persona and making fun of them to their face. When confronted about this he simply pushes up his broken and taped Buddy Holly glasses on his nose.

Jimmy is a member of The Wall as a Guardian..

Shiny Falling Weasel

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