Sly Eagle that Leaps


She is an attractive woman of Greek descent. She tends to lighten the moment with some humor and she is actually funny and witty.

She dresses nice almost all the time. Keeping her make-up tight is a personal victory for her. She will go above and beyond for her pack and sept. She was in the running to be leader of The Wall pack.


Black Furies Ragabash Homid

Jeane Derson was born into a well to do Greek family that lived on The Hill. She was sent to Notre Dame high school and then went on to Washington University where she got a degree in Criminal Justice.

The change disrupted her plans to become a police officer but she stuck with it. Her sept needed a Guardian after her graduation so she decided to help out for a while. Eventually she grew to love it. Slippery Arrow’s mother was killed in a skirmish so she and her friend both went up for the position. Slippery Arrow won the challenge.

Belongs to the Wall pack

Sly Eagle that Leaps

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