Homid Galliard Red Talons

Ayelen Nuka is full blooded Cherokee. Her mother was on a reservation in OK when one night she was visited by a wolf that became a man. Salali believed she was visited by a spirit and thought she was crazy. She left the reservation and moved in with a cousin in St. Louis. She integrated by the time Ayelen was born.

Ayelen went to public school and had a difficult time because she did not fit in with all the white people. The one thing she did excel at was singing. She joined school choir in middle school and continued on through high school. She gained a scholarship to community college and won state championships. She graduated and now is the singer in a local country band called the Stampede. They tour the around the bi-state area where they have cemented a small but loyal fan base. She has opened for several big acts over the last year and hopes to do more.

Ayelen is a member of the Raging Tooth Pack.

Summit was killed while on a raid of the underground facility at the Contamination Site A – Glen Park.


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