Wide Awake


Short homely looking girl in her 20’s with dirty blonde dreadlocks. She wears an old tan army jacket from her father’s run in Desert Storm. An old tan army backpack stuffed full with all her worldly belongings is always on her shoulder. Ratty over sized jeans and tan combat boots finish the look.


Homid Philodox Bone Gnawers

Elise Krista Samson is the orphaned child of Eric Samson. When she was born her garou mother died in childbirth so she was raised by Eric.

When she was 15 her father went off to Desert storm and was killed a few months into the operation by friendly fire. She was placed into an abusive and strict foster home for a few years until she finally ran away.

Her first change took place during a sexual assault while living on the streets. Happy Sky found her and brought her to the sept. She returned to the streets a year later.

She hangs out in coffee houses or all night cafes bouncing from here to there.

Elise is a member of the Shadow Pack.

Wide Awake

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