Chameleon Skin



Level Two
Gnosis 7

Garou needing to keep a low profile and stay out of sight commonly use this fetish. Generally a belt or headband, it allows the Garou’s fur to blend in with her surroundings. Chameleon’s skin is most efficient in the wild and other densely overgrown areas, but some Glass Walkers have fetishes that easily harmonize with their urban surroundings of glass, steel and concrete. When activated, this fetish acts as the Wendigo Gift: Camouflage, save that the power may function in whatever environment the fetish is attuned to.

A chameleon-spirit, naturally, must be bound into this fetish in order to create it. Chances are that the chameleon-spirit will be easier to sway if the skins are those of a lizard other than chameleons or, indeed, from another type of animal altogether.


Chameleon Skin

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