weapon (melee)

Level Three
Gnosis 6

The d’siah, a knife with a flint blade curved like a crescent moon, is the signature weapon of the Silent Striders. Its sharpened outer edge is used for slashing attacks, while the trailing point can be used to thrust and tear on the return stroke. Because this knife takes skill and training to use properly, the difficulty to attack with it is 7. It inflicts Strength damage.

The war spirit bound into the blade, usually one of Cobra’s brood, is somewhat more discerning than spirits usually bound to klaives — a d’siah does aggravated damage only to Wyrm-tainted creatures (use the same guidelines as the Gift: Sense Wyrm) and any type of spirit. In addition, after a successful strike, the Strider can activate the d’siah to drain a point of Gnosis from her opponent (or a point of Essence from spirits).

Because this requires a Gnosis roll, the werewolf cannot use this ability of the knife on the same turn she spends Rage for extra actions. The greatest strength of the d’siah is directed against the Striders’ greatest foes: Egypt’s vampires and their snake-like minions. The cobra-spirit in the blade lashes out violently against its tainted reflections, inflicting Strength +3 aggravated damage.



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