Feathered Cloak



Level Four
Gnosis 8

A highly difficult fetish to make, requiring thousands of differently colored feathers, a feathered cloak can take years to create, but the end results are spectacular not only in function but in form. Properly made, the cloak shows a dazzling array of different colors and patterns, and it is said that gazing on one for three days without wavering in one’s attention makes it possible to see the road of life itself in the pattern of feathers. This may or may not be true, but what is certain is the spectacular effect the fetish provides: The wearer can fly. When activated, the wearer can rise above the ground and travel horizontally at speeds equivalent to her running speed indefinitely. The flight is not perfect, however. The wearer cannot travel both horizontally and vertically at the same time, and vertical travel is considerably slower, progressing at walking speed. Finally, the entire experience causes a great deal of stress upon the body. For every ten minutes of flight, the player must roll Stamina + Athletics (difficulty 5). If the roll fails, then the pain from the stress has become too intense and the wearer needs to land and rest.

The feathered cloak is a full-length cloak that remains wrapped around the body, even during flight, and is bound
with a bird-spirit.


Feathered Cloak

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