Level Five
Gnosis 6

These mighty two-handed hammers are the pinnacle of Get craftsmanship. Like the lesser Ironhammers, they are forged from silver-laced iron and cooled in the blood of freshly slain enemies; however, the Get bind spirits of war and silver alike within. Each hammer is attack difficulty 7 and inflicts Strength +6 aggravated damage; the damage counts as silver damage, and is thus unsoakable to Garou. Only a werewolf can throw such a weapon accurately, and only to a distance of 5 yards for every dot of Strength. Whenever a blow from a Jarlhammer slays its target, the hammer resounds with a powerful thunderclap, announcing to friend and foe alike that another enemy of the Get of Fenris has fallen. There are seven of these hammers; some are wielded by powerful Jarls, while at least one has been lost. Each one has its own name and secondary power:

  • Forge-Crusher blazes with fire when activated, and inflicts an additional health level of fire damage with each blow.
  • Grinding-Tooth can smash any stone into powder, obliterating a cubic foot of rock or concrete with every strike.
  • Spear-Chaser flies three times as far as its siblings when thrown, and the thrower never suffers any penalties for range.
  • Troll-Eater pulverizes bone and smashes armor; opponents lose one die from all soak pools to resist its damage.
  • Bright-Arm shines with the light of sun and moon alike; opponents who rely on sight to target opponents lose two dice from their dice pools when attacking its wielder.
  • Hag-Talon is fortified against the magic of enemies, granting its wielder three additional
    dice to any Willpower roll made to resist mindmanipulating powers.
  • Pain-Eagle leaves wounds that throb with agony; those wounded by the hammer suffer double the usual dice pool penalties for their wounds.


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