Labrys of Isthmene



Level Four
Gnosis 7

A labrys of Isthmene is a massive, double-headed waraxe dedicated to Isthmene, the Gorgon of battle. A signature weapon of the Black Furies, the weapon is designed to be wielded two-handed, but may be effectively used with one hand by any being with Strength 6 or higher. Attacks made with the labrys are difficulty 7, and do Strength + 4 aggravated damage. Activating the fetish grants access to the Gift: Spirit of the Fray for the rest of the scene. The fetish will not function for a male Garou of any tribe.

To create a labrys of Isthmene, one must bind a spirit of war into the labrys.


Labrys of Isthmene

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