Magpie’s Swag



Level One
Gnosis 5

The magpie’s swag can be pretty much any simple closable bag, satchel, sack, or similar container, which can hold thrice the amount of a regular bag the same size. If dedicated, it counts as a single item, even if filled with other fetishes or even non-dedicated items, and it is represented by a stripe of fur in Crinos, Hispo, and Lupus forms. Unfortunately, it cannot contain complex Weaver objects such as guns or laptops, unless these items are broken and useless, or have been independently dedicated. Variations of this fetish include the corporate brief case of the Glass Walkers, the gym bag of the Bone Gnawers and the medicine bag of the Uktena. Also, a level two variation exists — the spider’s satchel — which is capable of carrying Weaver objects.

To create a magpie’s swag, one must bind a magpie or marsupial spirit into the container.


Magpie’s Swag

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