Partridge Wing



Level Three
Gnosis 7

This fetish is made from the wing of a partridge bird, its feathers all completely unbroken and white as snow. The joint of the wing has a golden ring fastened through it, and hangs from a long golden chain. To activate the fetish, a werewolf must concentrate upon a memory that she wishes to remove from her mind, and then swing the partridge wing around herself counter-clockwise three times, letting the tips of the feathers brush in a circle around her on the ground. Memories of another human or Garou can also be swept away in a similar fashion, by dragging the feathers by the chain in a circle around them. This fetish is rarely used on Garou and should never be used without permission, but has come in very handy for restoring Delirious humans to their calmer states.

To create a partridge wing, one must bind a spirit of water or forgetfulness into the wing.


Partridge Wing

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