Personal Umbral Digital Application



Level Four
Gnosis 8

The Glass Walkers have, on occasion, a compulsion to create devices that could best be described as “cute,” and most would argue the PUDA more or less fits that category. This is because most people have not been subject to the devastating array of forces that the PUDA can bring to bear.

Effectively, the PUDA is a digital platform with a bee-spirit bound into it. In the past, this fetish took the form of palmtop digital assistants or powerbooks; modern iterations of the fetish are generally cell phones or digital tablets. This bee spirit creates a hive file structure in an Umbral space around the device, which can store and organize various rites before completion and then “execute” the rite at a later time. The Glass Walker simply has to use the PUDA to “record” the rite in some fashion, such as with a camera application. When finished, the rite does not have any effect, but (if successful) is then stored in the PUDA and can have its effect come to pass with the click of a touch-sensitive pad any time thereafter. Each activation can execute one rite, but if the roll fails, the rite is lost. If the roll for the rite depends upon outside factors, then all rolls are made when the rite is executed rather than when it is first performed to be stored. The following rites work with a PUDA: Rite of Cleansing, Rite of Contrition, Rite of Binding, Rite of the Questing Stone, Rite of Talisman Dedication, Rite of Becoming, Rite of Spirit Awakening, Rite of Summoning, Voice of the Jackal, and Rending of the Veil.

At the Storyteller’s option, other more obscure rites may be compatible as well. Each rite stored on the PUDA requires some spiritual energy to be preserved, which is taken from the Glass Walker using it in the form of a single temporary point of Gnosis. This Gnosis does not restore in the usual manner, but is returned the moment that a rite is successfully executed. If the execution fails and the rite is lost, the Gnosis goes with it, but may be regained in the usual fashion. On top of all this, the PUDA also works as a normal
digital device.


Personal Umbral Digital Application

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