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  • Abigail Morning Kill

    Abigail grew up with the last name that is on every werewolf's tongue. Her father Franklin Ralston aka [[:broad-bull | Broad Bull]] is the "king" of werewolves and Abigail lived like a princess. As a child she was known for her practicle jokes and her …

  • Blaise

    Michelle O'Dell. Michelle was raped at the age of twelve by a friend of the family. Her parents did not believe her when she told them the truth and she blames them absolutely for never believing her or protecting her. She began acting out in school, …

  • Dax Gibbons

    Dropped out of life at age 12, he has wandered his way across the country only to wind up here at such a time. born in tulsa OK, very well traveled, dax is older than his years. A very careful person.