The Sovereigns

This pack is made up entirely of Shadow Lords that have newly arrived from Bosnia. They are looking to take over Gateway Sept of the Falcon.

They take the dirty jobs that no one else wants to take. They stir up trouble and flush out prey. They do a lot of damage. Most members served in the military in Bosnia and fought to keep their people and kinfolk from being exterminated.

The pack operates out of the Bevo Mill area “Little Bosnia” in St. Louis. They are working hard to clear out criminals and gangs that have taken up residence over the last 10 years. They help patrol the area and occasionally assist with infrastructure.

Totem: Grandfather Thunder
Alpha: Growling Bear
Petr Ivanović – Dull Knife
Robert Davor Pulnik – Growling Bear
Ratimir Kysely – Rising Smoke
Darja Dušek – Takes From the Sky
Larisa Doubek – Talks Too Much
Katarina Livie – Wild Beast
Sandra Sykora – Blue Sky

The Sovereigns

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