Black Furies

The Black Furies are the matriarchs of the Garou, the Black Furies only accept women as members, and are known for their honor, wisdom, pride, and fierce skills in battle.


Early History

The legend passed down from early times says that the Black Furies were originally gathered by the moon goddess Luna, in the incarnation of the Greek goddess Artemis, and appointed as the protectors of the Wyld.

Modern Nights

The Furies are active in the War in the Amazon. The Central American and Southern North American, i.e. South of Oklahoma, are experiencing a curious Wyld Plague. The plague called the Metamorphic Plague is responsible for the growing number of Male non- Metis within the Furies at large. The plague also affects the psyche of the person infected and is a far more likely outcome. The plague alters a fundamental principle within the person dramatically, i.e. turns a 180 degree arc on it. Also around the time of the appearance of the Metamorphic Plague one of the Gorgons, Medusa, disappeared. The Gorgons were the original Black Furies. Medusa was the longest living and the most powerful what this means for the tribe at large remains to be seen.



  • Amazons of Diana
  • Avenging Mother
  • Bacchantes
  • Freebooters
  • Moon-Daughter
  • Order of Our Merciful Mother
  • Sisterhood
  • Temple of Artemis

Tribal Culture

While many claim them to be the ultimate feminists and men-hating amazons, the Black Furies think of themselves as providing opportunities to females who would have otherwise been oppressed. Instead of working through intimidation, the Furies are usually content to work through persuasion and compromise. The personal views of each Fury vary greatly from member to member; however, honor and their connection to the Wyld tend to be constants for all members.

While the Black Furies present the face of a women-only club, they count a surprising number of male metis among their ranks. In spite of legends that say Black Furies only give birth to females, male cubs are occasionally born to a Fury. In past times they were ceremonially sacrificed, but are now usually turned over to other tribes to be raised.

Furies can either be born into the tribe or recruited from other tribes, particularly ones that show little respect to women. In part, the exchange of their newborn male cubs allows them to take away female cubs that are in dangerous circumstances.

Political Culture

Although Furies tend operate with similar methods, there are lines of division in how much men are to be shunned. Older Furies tend to be the most misandristic, viewing men as little more than tricksters and troublemakers. Younger Furies tend to have more liberal views regarding Garou in general and men in particular, and many are willing to work with males for the benefit of everyone. All Furies, no matter their view, will avenge a crime against a female.

Religious Culture

As females, the Black Furies view themselves as having a closer connection with the Earth mother Gaia than other tribes. In exchange for their Gifts, private moots are held regularly as recognitions of these gifts, and also to acknowledge the tribe as a whole. Some Rites are open to Kinfolk and humans, but others, particularly the physically and emotionally exhausting Ulaka magelis are exclusively for Black Furies.

Character Creation: Black Furies have a proud martial tradition, and encourage training in Brawl or Melee. Survival, Occult, and Rituals are also common among those entrusted with the Wyld places.

Initial Willpower: 3
Beginning Gifts:

  • Breath of the Wyld
  • Man’s Skin
  • Heightened Senses
  • Sense Wyrm
  • Wyld Resurgence

Black Furies in St. Louis

Black Furies claim Forest Park as their Caern. They work in and around the park. There is a women’s shelter operating in a gated community in the Central West End.

4 Black Furies live in St. Louis

Slippery Arrow
Sly Eagle that Leaps

Black Furies

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