cairn: A pile of stones, usually as a monument or marker.

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A caern is a natural upwelling of Gnosis, the spiritual energies of Gaia, used by the Garou to power their gifts.

Caerns also have a very thin Gauntlet, allowing easier congress between the physical world and the Umbra. It’s possible that a caern’s Gnosis actually comes from the Umbra in this fashion.

Caerns are very holy sites to the Garou and other Fera, and they will work to their utmost to claim them and protect them. Occasionally this will mean claiming it form another group who isn’t looking after it responsibly.

The Garou social unit of the sept tends to be centered around a caern. Moon Bridges may be opened allowing rapid travel between certain allied caerns.

The caerns of the Black Spiral Dancers are referred to as hives.

Urban Caerns

Many ancient caerns have been swallowed up by rapidly growing cities. A few “urban caerns” retain their spiritual properties as nodes of mystic might in the midst of urban desolation. As more of the natural world dies, young packs of Garou are willing to brave the dangers of the cities to reclaim what was once theirs. Such quests are not without risk. If humans see werewolves stalking about in their true forms near an urban caern, particularly in Crinos form, urban legends and horror stories result. If, for instance, werewolves revel through a city park each full moon, people will avoid that spot instinctively. Seizing and maintaining an urban caern requires a great deal of secrecy, but the effort is worth it for the power of a sacred site.

St. Louis Caerns

Black Furies claim Forest Park as their Caern. They work in and around the park. There is a women’s shelter operating in a gated community in the Central West End.

There is a small park at 14th street and Locust that the local Bone Gnawers claim. There is also a homeless shelter just west of it that they run.

The Children claim the cairn in August A Bush Memorial reserve to the west of the city. They also run a nearby outdoor amphitheater that tends to have many concerts in the summer.

The Fianna hold the caern at Lone Elk Park to the southwest of St. Louis. They also have a lot of Kinfolk that live in the Dogtown neighborhood where they throw a huge St. Patrick’s Day party every year.

The Get hold Queeny Park and the Caern located within. They also run the American Kennel Club of the Dog that is located within. They host hockey when it is in season and roller derby when it is not.

The Plaza in Clayton is protected by the Glasswalkers. There are several grassy areas and on the top of the building is where the caern is located. It is disguised as a Japanese garden. The Glasswalkers own a lot of property in Clayton and they also run a security group that watches over most of the area.

Rockwoods reservation is where the Talons call home. Lots of room to run and hunt. There is a small conservation site that is run by kinfolk. It is kept on the outskirts away from the heart of the caern.

The Botanical Gardens have been home to the Shadow Lords since it’s founding. The local residential area is also maintained by the Shadow Lords.

The Striders don’t hold any caerns in St. Louis. There are only one or two in the area and even they are only “stopping by” for a while. None call it home.

The Silver Fangs claim Gateway Sept of the Falcon. They have for a very long time now. There are several in the area and they runs Ralston Purina Company.

The Stargazers operate out of Creve Coeur Caern. They also own a Hindu temple nearby.

Cliff Cave is controlled by the Uktena kinfolk. The area is strange and many disappearances are common in the area.

Kaskaskia River Caern, IL is where the local Wendigo reside. There is no commerce directly associated with them.

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