Nicknamed the “Ivory Tower”, the Camarilla strictly adheres to a set of ancient laws known as the Traditions. The Camarilla was created as a reaction to the Inquisition and sees its purpose as maintaining the Masquerade as a means of ensuring the survival of all Kindred.

The Traditions are enforced and order maintained by a powerful leader known as the Prince. It is the Prince’s duty to interpret the Traditions and act as judge, jury, and executioner. The Camarilla describes itself in idealistic terms suggesting it is a genteel society of undead peers but harbors a vast, complex, and rigid hierarchy that breeds ancient rivalries and vicious political machinations. The Camarilla actively denies or suppresses myths about Gehenna and the race’s legendary ancient founders.

Camarilla vampires refer to themselves (and all other vampires) as “Kindred” as a means of reminding themselves of their origins in humanity. Camarilla vampires often refer to humans as “Kine”, an archaic term for cattle.

The Sabbat scorn the idea of vampires being Kindred referring to themselves as Cainites preferring to emphasize their origins in the blood of Cain. They often use more vulgar epithets for their human vessels.


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