To all Fera, the Crinos is the war-form, fusing the deadliest aspects of human and beast into one body whose sole purpose is to kill and shred all enemies of Gaia into pieces. When a shapeshifter assumes this form, it shows that the time for negotiations is over. Nearly all Fera inflict Delirium when wearing their battle-form.

All Metis regardless of their species are born into their crinos form and consider it as their natural form.


Statistic Adjustments: Strength +4, Dexterity +1, Stamina +3, Manipulation -3, Appearance 0
Shift Difficulty: 6
Size: 8’–10’ tall, 400–850 lbs.
Form Description: Affectionately known as the “ninefoot snarling death-beast” form, a werewolf in Crinos wants to do only one thing — kill. The natural form of all metisbreed Garou, the Crinos is not a form for deliberation, even with other werewolves.

Shifting from Glabro to Crinos, the Garou grows in height by half and gains another 100% to 200% in weight. The head changes to a wolfs maw, and the fangs and claws are now fully grown. The arms become long and apelike, and the werewolf can move either on two legs or all fours. The Garou also grows a tail, which helps with balance.

A werewolf in the war form may speak the Garou tongue perfectly well, and he may converse with wolves crudely. Human speech is reduced to one or two words at a time (favorite phrases include “Wyrm!” and “Kill them!”). Expressing anything more complex requires the expenditure of a Willpower point.

Note that the Manipulation and Appearance penalties may not apply to other Garou, who speak the language and are used to the war form.


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