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The Croatan were one of three Garou tribes native to the Americas up until the arrival of the Europeans, but nobly sacrificed themselves in order to drive the Wyrm back.


The Croatan died one and all trying to defeat Eater-of-Souls when it managed to manifest in the physical world. As one of the great triatic Wyrms, if Eater-of-Souls had remained in the real world, it could have started the Apocalypse. Only by sacrificing the entire tribe in a great ritual were they able to drive it back to the Deep Umbra and Malfeas.


Tribal Culture


Political Culture

The three tribes of North America refered to themselves as the Three Brothers. Uktena was the eldest brother, Croatan the middle and Wendigo the youngest.

The Uktena and Wendigo both harbor deep bitterness towards the European Garou, who they frequently call the Wyrmcomers. They blame them for bringing Eater-of-Souls to the Americas and causing the death of the Croatan. This lead to vicious fighting between the native Garou and the European Garou for centuries. The Uktena have somewhat moderated their hatred over the years, but the Wendigo still harbor deep resentment towards the other tribes.

The death of Middle Brother also caused a rift between the Uktena and Wendigo. The Uktena prevented many Wendigo from sacrificing themselves with the Croatan. The Uktena felt they would need the Wendigo to fight new threats. The Wendigo felt they should have provided more aid to the Croatan and resent the Uktena’s interference.

Religious Culture

All of the Croatan died, every single last one. Their souls were consumed by Eater-of-Souls so there are no Croatan ancestor spirits to contact. No more cubs were born to their Kinfolk after their sacrifice. Their tribal Totem, Turtle, was plunged into deep Slumber and has not awoken for centuries. They were totally annihilated both physically and spiritually.

Though the Croatan are said to have fully and completely disappeared by numerous sources, others cite their influence into the present day. Rumors exist of the last Croatan still alive somewhere within the Midnight Circus, preserved beyond time, and the disappearance of Roanoke, Virginia is somehow tied to their sacrifice.

Background Info

The Croaton are probably a reference to the Croatoan tribe, a group of Native Americans that lived on an island located in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This was the island to which the legendary Lost Colony, the earliest British settlement in North America, supposedly fled to. When John White, founder of the colony, arrived on Roanoke Island after an expedition to get the colony provisions, he discovered the word “Croatoan” carved into a post in the abandoned settlement. He set out for the island, but a hurricane blew up, and so he was unable to travel to Croatoan. The fate of the settlement remains unknown to this day, although long standing stories about Native Americans with pale skin and gray eyes linger along the coast.


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