Background Cost: 5

Noble and brave, Falcon soars high and leads all Garou. Falcon helps the Garou to be strong through his insight into their hearts. The Silver Fangs are served by Falcon, who helps them maintain communication and this untiy. Falcon is a highly respectable totem, although, because of the rumors about the Silver Fangs’ failings, perhaps not as respected as he once was.

Traits: Packs chosen by Falcon can call upon four Willpower points per story, and gain +3 to a Leadership Dice Pool. Each pack member’s Honor rating increases by one. Silver Fangs often look upon packs of Falcon as being noble, although some will scoff and consider them poseurs.

Ban: Children of Falcon can never allow themselves to lose permanent Honor. If they do, it is expected that they will right this discrepancy or perform the Rite of Contrition and atone by throwing themselves into an impossible battle with a minion of the Wyrm, this effectively committing suicide.


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