Frenzy is the violent outburst, the untamed savagery, the animal instinct for blood and brutality that lurks in the heart of every werewolf. Whenever a player gets four or more successes on a Rage roll, the character enters a frenzy. See Frenzy on p. 261 for more information on the causes and resolutions of frenzies.

Any Rage roll can lead to a frenzy, even if it’s used to activate Gifts. All Rage rolls represent an attempt to awaken the primal beast that drives the Garou. If a Rage roll scores four or more successes, the character frenzies.

The player can spend a Willpower point immediately to halt the frenzy, but her character can’t take any further actions that turn.

Werewolves frenzy in two ways:

• Berserk Frenzy: The werewolf can only see moving targets — targets she wants to reduce to bloody lumps of mangled meat. A berserk Garou shifts immediately to either Crinos or Hispo form (the player decides which), and attacks something. Whom she attacks depends on the circumstances.

If the Garou’s permanent Rage does not exceed her permanent Gnosis, she will not tear into her packmates — unless she’s in the Thrall of the Wyrm. Anything else is fair game, including other were-creatures who are not members of her pack. A Garou whose permanent Rage exceeds his permanent Gnosis attacks anything that moves. He can’t
distinguish between targets unless his player spends a Willpower point, in which case he can select his victim. If he doesn’t have the Willpower to spare, the Storyteller chooses who he attacks. Werewolves in this state don’t remember what happens to them during frenzy. Many collapse once the frenzy is over.

• Fox Frenzy: The werewolf does everything in his power to escape. He takes his Lupus form and runs. The only time he attacks is when something gets in his way, and only for long enough to get past his opponent. The character runs until he can find a safe hiding place, where he will remain until the frenzy passes.

Whether in berserk or fox frenzy, combat maneuvers and pack tactics require a level of thought and control that a frenzying werewolf does not have. He has three options: bite, claw, or run. He can spend Rage for extra actions, but can’t split dice pools, use Gifts, or step sideways.

A frenzied werewolf does not feel pain, and ignores all wound penalties.

A werewolf can only come out of frenzy once the triggering situation is over. Once he’s escaped, the player rolls Willpower (difficulty equaling the Garou’s own Rage) to escape the frenzy. If the roll fails, the player can try again next turn with no increase in difficulty.

If they achieve a truly spectacular number of successes, they may enter Thrall of the Wyrm.

Garou generally lose Renown for frenzying, but how much varies by how severe the frenzy was. Entering Thrall will always result in a loss of renown. Some Garou will even commit suicide after entering Thrall as they now believe themselves irredeemably tainted by the Wyrm.

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