Gateway Sept of the Falcon


Rank 5 Caern

Average Population: from 25 to 40 Garou
Average Bawn: 1,000 or more acres
Maximum Moon Bridge Distance: 10,000 miles
Gauntlet: 2

Advantages: Great source of power; many Garou come to its defense when threatened.

Disadvantages: Huge bawn provides problems for defense; space is at a premium due to large population of Garou; elders are often distanced from pups; Wyrm attacks are almost constant; too large for a caern to be concealed, even from mortals or other supernaturals.

This caern is a Leadership type caern. Its power is Leadership and Intimidation.

Sept Totem is the Falcon. As a sept totem, Falcon demands unity, valor, and honor. Septs dedicated to Falcon are marked by just and fair leadership, though they are also stiff and devoted to hierarchy.

Common Traits: Falcon’s children all gain the Truth of Gaia Gift when Falcon is summoned. Pack Traits: When Falcon lays his blessing upon the sept, he can divide three dots of Leadership and four dots of Willpower among its packs.

Ban: Septs dedicated to Falcon must maintain an Honorable reputation in the eyes of other Garou. If Falcon ever withdraws his support, he will only return if the sept’s leaders perform an act of heroism in his name… or die trying.


As old as 3000 years, the Sept of the Falcon has been in existence in one form or another. In 1673 Louis Jolliet, a Child of Gaia, entered into the area and discovered the overgrown and abandoned, Sept of the Falcon along with it’s Totem spirit. It was the first real contact between the west and Europe.

Louis told of other tribes and how to contact their caerns through moonbridges. This started the practice of making the Sept of the Falcon the central hub of travel through the new world. The name was augmented to Gateway Sept of the Falcon.

In 1904 the sept hosted its first international Grand Moot and has since been called by it’s common name the Gateway Sept.

Since then the Gateway Sept has been the main site for Grand Moots over 20 times.

The site is located at the Cahokia Mounds which are called the Thunderbird Mounds by the Garou. The structures were mostly destroyed during the Battle of St. Louis in 1780 and were never rebuilt. It was decided that the invaders were targeting the structures so the walls were removed and most structures at the site were moved to what is now called Cahokia IL.

A few civilian structures were left on the site and others were built in the following decades but were kept to structures such as barns and private homes that were maintained by kinfolk.

The sept is ruled by the Silver Fangs and has been since 1904.

The sept is run by a council of Elders. 5 garou that belong to each one of the auspices. This was agreed upon in the 60’s during civil unrest in the area.

In the mid 90’s there was a large influx of Bosnians into the St. Louis area and with them came a large group of Shadow Lords. This has caused tension with the ruling Silver Fangs and will eventually lead to a fight for dominance of the sept.

In 1998 1/4 of the Sept was killed in an attack on the Contamination Site A – Glen Park. Almost all of the Shadow Lords were killed.

Garou in the Gateway Sept

4 Black Furies live in St. Louis
Slippery Arrow
Sly Eagle that Leaps

3 Bone Gnawers live in St. Louis
Happy Sky
Shiny Falling Weasel
Wide Awake

3 Children of Gaia live in St. Louis
Lazy Laughing Ears
Spotted Star
Spirit Moonwater

3 Get of Fenris Live in St. Louis
Crow on Narrow Hand
Long Snow that Runs
Talking Dog
Rolling Rock

4 Glass Walkers are in St. Louis
Gray Tears
Random Jack
Infinite Loop
Terminal Angel

0 Red Talons reside in St. Louis

1 Shadow Lord in St. Louis
Dark Tree that Laughs
Dull Knife
Growling Bear
Rising Smoke
Takes From the Sky
Talks Too Much
Wild Beast
Blue Sky

1 Silent Strider is in St. Louis
Round Spider

8 Silver Fangs in St. Louis
Broad Bull
Tall Falling Fire
Sharp Snow
Goes To War
Old Grizzly Bear
Has No Shame
Little Chief

1 Stargazer in St. Louis
Round Tail

1 Uktena lives in St. Louis
Small Oaks

1 Wendigo live in St. Louis
Silent Sky
Red Ryder

Gateway Sept of the Falcon

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