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The Get of Fenris are fierce warriors with little room for mercy and compassion, the Fenrir view themselves as great heroes, but have been known to shock other Garou with their violent ways.


The traditional homelands of the Fenrir are considered to be northern Europe, where they lived with their kinfolk, the Germanic, Scandinavian and Norse tribes.



  • The Valkyria of Freya
  • Hand of Tyr
  • Fangs of Garm
  • Mjolnir’s Thunder
  • The Glorious Fist of Wotan
  • The Swords of Heimdall

Tribal Culture

The prime focus of the Get of Fenris is heroism; all members must act against their enemies, particularly the Wyrm. There is no room for cowardice or indecisiveness among the Fenrir, and retreat is not in their vocabulary.

The Get of Fenris is one of the most selective tribes when it comes to choosing members. A potential Fenrir must prove themselves to the rest of the tribe, even if they are born into it. The Rite of Passage for Fenrir cubs is one of the bloodiest and most brutal of rites, and even after they have passed, they are continuously tested to improve their battle skills and ability to survive. Weak Fenrir cubs are usually abandoned or, in more recent times, turned over to other tribes to be raised. Some Get also practice a belief in the purity of blood as a sign of worthiness.

In past times, the Get have been extremely harsh towards female members, but in the last century female Get have had a chance to prove themselves to be as heroic and fierce in battle as the tribe’s male members.

Political Culture

Religious Culture

One of the most common practices of the Get is the recitation of skald, or epics of past Garou who have proven themselves worthy of heroism. Most Fenrir also strongly believe in fate, believing they are destined to die fighting for a worthy cause.

Character Creation: The Fenrir naturally stress combat and survival Traits. They almost never purchase Contacts: they want true friends, not associates.

Initial Willpower: 3
Beginning Gifts:

  • Lightning Reflexes
  • Master of Fire
  • Razor Claws
  • Resist Pain
  • Visage of Fenris

Get of Fenris in St. Louis

The Get hold Queeny Park and the Caern located within. They also run the American Kennel Club of the Dog that is located within. They host hockey when it is in season and roller derby when it is not.

3 Get of Fenris Live in St. Louis

Crow on Narrow Hand
Long Snow that Runs
Talking Dog
Rolling Rock

Get of Fenris

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