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The near-man form of the Garou.


Statistic Adjustments: Strength +2, Stamina +2, Manipulation -2, Appearance -1
Shift Difficulty: 7
Size: 8’–10’ tall, 400–850 lbs.
Form Description: The Glabro form is bipedal, and it doesn’t possess obvious fangs or claws, but the resemblance to a human being ends there. A Garou shifting from Homid to Glabro gains from 100% to 200% in body weight (all muscle) and six inches in height. Body hair becomes much
more profuse, the teeth and nails elongate (although not enough to inflict any special damage), the brow slopes, and the character looks huge and menacing.

Werewolves in Glabro can speak the Garou tongue and manage human language without too much trouble. Human speech, however, has a guttural rasp to it. While Garou can use this form to interact with human society, the typically don’t. The Glabro form is too crude and too easy to remember.


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