Grandfather Thunder

Background Cost: 7

Grandfather Thunder is feared rather than respected by many Garou, and that suits his Shadow Lords just fine. Thunder is a patient and subtle patron, whose influence builds over time to an almighty crescendo. Most of his totem avatars are Stormcrows, who act as go-betweens for the Incarna and his chosen.

Individual Traits: Followers of Grandfather Thunder gain one point of Honor Renown, and gain two extra dice to any Intimidation rolls when they invoke Thunder’s name.

Pack Traits: Packs that follow Grandfather Thunder gain three dots of Etiquette, as well as five points of Willpower per story. Shadow Lords follow their activities with interest.

Ban: Thunder’s children must not accord their peers and their rivals more respect than those werewolves have earned through their actions. Sycophancy goes against Thunder’s nature.

Grandfather Thunder

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