Helios is a Celestine and an embodiment of Earth’s Sun. In contrast to his sister Luna, he gives his blessing only to a few selected Fera.

Helios himself

As a Celestine, Helios existence is tied to the actual sun. His home is within the Aetherial Realm; however, no changer could dwell on his surface.

In Myths

Helios is in most cases affiliated with aerial spirits, such as the Corax, who claim his favor, or Falcon, the tribal totem of the Silver Fangs. However, he withheld his favor to the Garou after the massacres of the War of Rage and only teaches few gifts to them.

Helios was also worshiped by the early Mokole during the Age of Kings. He has not withdrawn his favor to them, and still to this day, the weredragons honor him.

Those patronized by Helios – the Corax and Mokole – are vulnerable to gold, just as those patronized by Luna are vulnerable to silver.


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