Werewolf colored by lintufriikki

The near-wolf form of the Garou.


Statistic Adjustments: Strength +3, Dexterity +2, Stamina +3, Manipulation -3
Shift Difficulty: 7
Size: 4’–6’ at the shoulder, 350–800 lbs.
Form Description: The Hispo resembles a normal wolf in the same way that the Glabro resembles a common human. A werewolf in Hispo form looks like a prehistoric dire wolf. The head and jaws are massive, even more so than the Crinos, and the bite of a Hispo inflicts an extra die of
damage. The Hispo can stand on its hind legs, if necessary, but it is much more comfortable on all fours.

The Hispo form weighs nearly as much as form, but its four-legged stance allows it to run faster.
Perception difficulties decrease by one in this form. The senses are sharp, although not so keen as the Lupus. A werewolf in Hispo has no hands, so he cannot grasp objects, except in his mouth.
A Garou in Hispo form can speak with Garou and wolves with little difficulty, but any human speech requires a Willpower point and even that is limited to one or two syllables.


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