Glyph homid

A homid is a Garou born as and raised by humans. Homids do not make their First Change until puberty or thereafter; prior to their change, many suffer from dreams and visions dealing with wolves and the wilderness. Many Homids thrive in the human world, even as Garou, but tend to falter when dealing with nature.

Those who falter have a hard time coming to the realization that they belong with others of their species, with other Garou rather than trying to assimilate into the human world. Sometimes, those who deny their nature of being Gaia’s Warriors try to stay and linger around homid society because that seems like where they want to be. They don’t know how to break free and embrace what gifts Gaia has given them, probably due to the fact that they’ve spent so much time being human that they aren’t ready to face the reality.

Sometimes, though…even with the reality, you’ve faced it, you’ve accepted it, and yet…you’re drawn back to the realm of the humans. While “human” means the whole of society as a whole, you’re a “homid”, not quite fitting in but not quite a loner either. You’re what we like to call “special.” Yes, that’s it. One of the chosen few who will defend us in our fight against the Wyrm.

Nicknames: Apes, Two-legs, Monkeys

Advantages of homids include:

  • No ability restrictions.
  • A familiarity with human society.
  • Higher abstract thought and the ability to reason.
  • The ability to handle silver without penalty in Homid form.

Beginning gift choices:

  • Apecraft’s Blessings
  • City Running
  • Master of Fire
  • Persuasion
  • Smell of Man

Disadvantages include:

  • Low starting Gnosis (1)
  • Limited senses and perception.
  • The weakest starting form.


Statistic Adjustments: None
Shift Difficulty: 6
Size: 5’–6 ½’ tall, 100–250 lbs.
Form Description: The natural form for homid breed Garou and the form in which they feel most comfortable, Homid form is in all ways identical to a normal human being (save for lupus and metis werewolves, who are allergic to silver and possess regenerative powers in this form). Homid-form werewolves still trigger the Curse in normal humans, however.


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