A klaive

A klaive is a ritual dagger of the Garou. They are rare weapons, for they’re made of silver, and their manufacture and use are deadly to Garou (often, Kinfolk will act as klaive smiths). A klaive is about as big as a Bowie knife. A Garou who carries a klaive loses one point from his effective Gnosis rating. A War-spirit is usually bound into the klaive, allowing the weapon to inflict aggravated damage upon non-Garou foes. Without the spirit, a klaive doesn’t inflict aggravated damage. However, a Garou doesn’t need to attune a klaive that has no spirit in it. The art of klaive fighting is called Klaivaskar and is teached only within a Tribe .

Pulling a klaive on another Garou is considered a grave action, for a klaive duel is most often a duel to the death. Nonetheless, klaive duels among Garou are becoming increasingly common as the wilds dwindle and tribal fiction grows.

Other versions of the Klaive are the Grand Klaive and the Baneklaive.


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