Near Umbra

When the Umbral traveler follows a moon bridge past the Penumbra, she arrives in the Near Umbra. This area is a swirling haze dotted with many Realms, great and small. These Realms orbit the Gaia Realm just as Luna orbits Earth. The Garou travel to these other realities to interact with their totems or beseech aid from their ruling powers. Many of these rulers are capricious and dangerous, but they possess great wisdom.

There are 13 major Near Realms. Near Realms are pockets of immense spiritual power bordered by a membrane that contains their energies. These Realms feel as real and substantial to the Umbral traveler as the material world feels to the physical traveler. All the Garou’s senses and powers work, although with some slight modifications in some Realms. Each Realm is governed by a set of world laws that determine the local reality. There may be even more Near Realms as yet undiscovered by the Garou.

In addition to these 13 major Near Realms, myriad Domains, sub-Realms and Zones, including the eerie Dream Zone. All of the Domains listed in the Penumbra have larger Domains in the Near Umbra. The Tribal Homelands, representations of each tribe’s ideal, are among the strongest of these Near Umbral Domains. At the outskirts of the Near Umbra, just before the beginning of the Deep Umbra, lie several Vistas. Vistas are not really Realms, for they can only be viewed, not entered. Vistas are portals allowing observers to view embodiments of abstract concepts like death, chaos and stasis. .They are said to be glimpses of the Heavens.

Near Realms were formed when powerful, monolithic energies from the Triat collided with the weak but highly diversified spiritual emanations from the Gaia Realm. Some Near Realms are similar to the Triat energies that formed them, while some are similar to the earthly energies that breathed spiritual life into them.

  • Abyss (also called the Chasm)
  • Aetherial Realm/Reaches
  • Atrocity Realm
  • Battleground (also called the Realm of Fighting Spirits)
  • CyberRealm (also called Dystopia)
  • Erebus
  • Flux
  • Legendary Realm
  • Malfeas
  • Pangaea (see Shenti below)
  • Scar
  • Summer Country (also called the Gardens of the First Age)
  • Wolfhome

Near Umbra

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