Old Form

These words hail from the distant past of the Garou and display their Fianna origins. They are no longer used frequently.

However, all Garou know these terms.

Adren: A pupil or a student who learns from a Mentor.

Airts: The magical paths within the spirit world (e.g., Spirit Tracks, Moon Paths, etc.).

Aisling: A journey into the spirit world.

Anamae: “Soul-friend”; most often a bond with a pack totem.

Anruth: A Garou who travels from caern to caern but is bound to none of them.

Athro: Teacher, Mentor.

Awen: The sacred Muse, the creative impulse. Some say she is a spirit, but she has never been found. Moon Dancers go on quests for her periodically.

Brugh: Any sort of mystic place, whether a Garou caern or a Wyrmhole. Often a glade or cave located somewhere in the wilderness.

Charach: A Garou who sleeps with another Garou or has done so in the past. Often used as a word of anger.

Chiminage: A form of “favors done for services rendered.” A werewolf may perform a task as chiminage in order to repay a spirit for teaching him a Gift, or to repay a sept for allowing him to use its caern.

Cliath: A young Garou, not yet of any significant rank.

Fostern: Your pack brothers and sisters; those who are your family by choice.

Gallain: The Kinfolk of the Garou.

-ikthya: “Of the Wyrm”; a suffix appended to a name.

Inceptor: A Garou who guides another through a rite. An inceptor is also called a ritemaster.

Kinain: The relationship among Garou who are related by blood through an ancestor. This term of endearment and pride is never used when referring to metis.

Moon-Calf: Idiot, simpleton.

Pericarp: The Near Umbra around each Realm.

Phoebe: An Incarna of Luna, representing the Moon.

Praenomen: The guardian spirit of a pack.

-rhya: “Greater in station”; a suffix appended to a name.

Urrah: Garou who live in the city; also, the tainted ones.

-yuf: “Honored equal”; a suffix appended to a name.

Old Form

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