Background Cost: 6

Owl is silent and swift. In the night, Owl rules. He represents secret and hoary wisdom culled from the deepest recesses of the night. Owl is also associated with the secrets of death and the Dark Umbra; certain Native American tribes believed owls to be avenging ghosts.

Traits: Owl lends quiet aid to his Children, often gifting them with premonitions of danger leading them to forgotten mystic places. Owl gives wings to each of his Children when they enter the Umbra, allowing them to fly from place to place. Owl’s Children subtract 2 from all difficulties involving stealth, silence, or quiet. The pack gains 3 additional dice when using any gift involving air, travel, movement or darkness. Each pack member gains two points to Wisdom. Silent Striders will often appear seemingly out of nowhere to aid the pack when it is in danger. Children of the Rat do not get along well with Children of the Owl, as their totems are constantly in conflict.

Ban: Owls ask that his pack leave animal sacrifices for him in the woods, in the form of small vermin that are tied in place or caged.


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