A Garou in the Penumbra can peer back into the physical world, but it’s not easy, and it’s not without risk. (This requires a Gnosis roll against a difficulty equal to the local Gauntlet.) If the attempt succeeds, the werewolf sees a shadowy, monochromatic version of the physical world. Seeing fine details is difficult (although it’s possible to read newsprint, a computer monitor, or facial expressions with five successes). Noises from the other side have distortion or echoes. Scent, however is unaffected; in fact, some Garou claim their sense of smell is heightened enough that they can even track prey.

While a Garou in the Penumbra is peeking into the physical world, however, she is oblivious to her surroundings in the spirit world, unless she starts taking damage (and losing Health Levels). Her pack can’t communicate with her, and her enemies can act unopposed. Her intense concentration is obvious, especially since her eyes will be glowing.

Werewolves can also peek from the Earth to the Penumbra, though it’s even more difficult. The Gnosis roll is against a difficulty of the local Gauntlet plus three, up to a difficulty of 9. However, the same dangerous distraction is evident. Fortunately, some supernatural abilities make this easier, such as the Gift: Pulse of the Invisible.

Some spirits in the Penumbra may also be able to dimly perceive events in the physical world. This requires the Charm: Peeking, although discerning fine details is as difficult for these spirits as it is for Garou (requiring the same Gnosis roll against a difficulty equal to the strength of the Gauntlet). One of the most useful applications of this is when a werewolf gathers information from a spirit tasked to observe a specific physical person or place. One
of the most dangerous situations is when a Bane is tasked to perform this same activity or uses this information to stalk and corrupt an innocent victim.


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