Auspice philodox

One of the five Auspices of the Garou. The Philodox is the “middle” Auspice, most moderate in Rage Galliards and Ahroun have more, whilst Theurges and Ragabash have less. Their role reflects this – it is their duty to mediate, counsel, and keep within them a balance between the conflicting elements of the Garou. They are also keepers of the law, those who uphold the Litany. As such, they are also judges and of great importance in discerning the truth and making important decisions. They are considered leaders (although most often leaders during times of peace), and tend to carry a sense of authority about them. Within their pack, Philodox are often leaders, but it is always their responsibility to ensure that the pack acts according to the Litany, and also to maintain order and balance among them.

The most important Renown for Philodox is Honor, with Wisdom as a secondary focus. These two both can take a long time to earn, so a werewolf of the half moon may take a while to increase his or her Rank. These Garou tend to occupy a number of important Sept positions, including Truthcatcher, Gatekeeper, Keeper of the Land, and Master of the Challenge. Along with Theurges the Philodox are considered to be masters of Rites, with Punishment Rites and Rites of Accord as their focus.

Philodox of the Waxing Moon are considered to be particularly calm and fair, and supposedly make better arbitrators. Those of the Waning Moon are thought to be perfectionists and more nervous than their waxing kin, and are associated more with maintaining order and balance.

The other Auspices of the Garou are the Ragabash, the Theurge, the Galliard, and the Ahroun.

Initial Rage: 3
Beginning Gifts:

  • Fangs of Judgment
  • Persuasion
  • Resist
  • Pain
  • Scent of the True Form
  • Truth of Gaia


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