Rage is a mystical wellspring of primal anger granted to the Garou by Luna. It allows them to move at great speed, shrug off mighty wounds, and change forms quickly. It can also power some Gifts.

Because it was a gift from Luna, creatures with Rage are susceptible to silver. Fera that do not have Rage (such as the Nuwisha) do not suffer from this susceptibility silver. Some of the Fera are instead susceptible to gold because they are devoted to Helios. The connection to Luna also affects how susceptible a Garou is to Frenzy based on the phase of the moon. A full moon causes a Garou to be very prone to their Rage overtaking them while Garou are least susceptible to frenzy under the new moon.

Mechanically, Rage is rated from one to ten and comes in permanent (dot) and temporary (point) forms. Temporary Rage can be spent to gain extra actions or change forms. Temporary can be regained through strong emotions related to violence (such as physical danger) or by catching sight of the moon. It can go higher than the permanent rating only in rare circumstances.

Permanent Rage is rolled to try to regenerate wounds that would kill the Garou or to determine if she enters frenzy. Permanent Rage is often rolled to power Gifts. Permanent Rage is increased through spending experience points. Very few things will decrease permanent rage. The primary way permanent Rage is lost is through aging.

If a Garou is out of both temporary Rage and temporary willpower, he loses the wolf. He returns to his breed form and cannot change shapes until he regains at least one point of each. He cannot regain Rage while he is out of Willpower. If he loses his last dot of permanent Rage, he will lose the wolf permanently.

The starting Rage of a Garou is determined by his Auspice. Ragabash start with the least Rage, while Ahroun starts with the most. Other Fera assign starting Rage based on other criteria.

Spirits also use Rage, both as a substitute for physical attributes and as a means of powering their mystical charms.


Using Rage

Rage points must be spent at the beginning of a turn in the declaration stage. (This rule is detailed further in Chapter Six.) You can spend Rage only in times of stress.

Rage is a powerful and versatile weapon for the Garou. The following are some of its uses and dangers:

• Frenzy: Frenzy is the most frightening drawback of using Rage. Frenzy is the violent outburst, the untamed savagery, the animal instinct for blood and brutality that lurks in the heart of every werewolf. Whenever a player gets four or more successes on a Rage roll, the character enters a frenzy.

• Extra Actions: A player can spend Rage’to give her character extra actions in a single turn. However, a Garou cannot spend more Rage points in one turn than half of her permanent Rage rating.

• Changing Forms: A player may spend a Rage point for his character to change instantly to any form he desires, without having to roll Stamina + Primal-Urge.

• Recovering from Stun: If a werewolf loses more health levels in one turn than his Stamina rating, he is stunned and unable to act in the next turn. By spending a Rage point, the character can ignore the effect and function; normally.

• Remaining Active: If a character falls below the Incapacitated health level, a player can use Rage to keep her character going. Doing so requires a Rage roll (difficulty 8). Each success heals a health level, regardless of the type of wound. A player may attempt this roll only once per scene. If this roll fails, the character doesn’t recover. However, this last-ditch survival effort has its price. Like all Rage rolls, the character is still subject to frenzy. The wound will also remain on the Garou’s body as an appropriate Battle Scar.

• Beast Within: Occasionally, a Garou is more of the wolf than of the world, and she must pay the price for it. For every point of Rage a character has above her Willpower rating, she loses one die on all social-interaction rolls. People, even other werewolves, can sense the killer hiding just under her skin, and they don’t want to be anywhere near it.

• Losing the Wolf: If a character has lost or spent all his Rage and Willpower points, he has “lost the wolf,” and he cannot regain Rage. The Garou cannot shift to anything except his breed form until his Rage returns. The character must regain at least one Willpower point before he can recover any Rage.

Gaining and Regaining Rage

A Rage pool fluctuates from session to session and from turn to turn. Luckily, Rage replenishes itself in several ways.

• The Moon: The first time a werewolf sees the moon at night, the Beast inside stirs, and Rage floods back into her. Under a new moon, the character gets one point; under a waning moon, two points; under a half or waxing moon, three points; and under a full moon, four points. However, if the moon phase corresponds with the character’s auspice, she regains all of her Rage. This phenomenon occurs only at the first sighting of the moon each night.

• Botch: If the Storyteller approves,a werewolf might receive a Rage point after a botched a roll. Rage comes from stressful situations, and seeing the action you were attempting blow up in your face, sometimes literally, can be a very stressful situation. And Garou tempers shouldn’t be taken lightly. Not to mention. . .

• Humiliation: Rage will also come rushing back if anything a Garou does proves particularly humiliating. The Storyteller decides whether a situation is embarrassing enough to warrant a Rage point. Garou tend to be very proud, and they don’t take being laughed at well.

• Confrontation: Again at the Storyteller’s approval, a character could receive a Rage point at the beginning of a tense situation, in the moments right before combat starts. This gain accounts for the anticipation and hackle-raising that happens just as tempers start to flare.

• New Stories: When a new story begins, each player should roll a die to determine how many Rage points he possesses currently. (They might even exceed their permanent Rage ratings, at the Storyteller’s discretion.) Yes, characters might end up with less Rage than they had at the end of the last story. Such is the way of Rage. It is always moving and never predictable.

The player is encouraged to explain this increase or decrease in Rage by describing what happened between sessions. If they come up with some creative tales, Storytellers can be a little more giving with the Rage as the new story progresses.

Rage 116, 144-145
at character creation 112-113, 114
gaining and regaining 145
purchasing 114,
spending 288
uses 144-145


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