A rite is a ceremony or ritual that spirits give to a Garou which allows them to exert their own will onto the world to do something beyond their normal abilities. It is because of the fact that Garou are part spirit that allows the rites to function.

These rites may be as simple as the Get of Fenris gathering for departed, in which they perform a special funeral where the body is burned along with the deceased’s possessions; during the rite, the Get ask the Valkyries to speed them to the afterlife. More complicated are rites such as as the Rite of Caern Building in which an army of Garou attempt to create a sacred wellspring of Gnosis while the Wyrm’s agents send wave after wave of enemies against them.

List of Rites

There are several different types of rites. These are the general rites, not specific to any individual tribe. A religious/magical connotation and connection exists here, serving ends of social and mystical purposes. Rites are capable of being performed in the Realm (physical world) or the Umbra (spirit world.) There are, differing levels of rites, ranging from one (1) through five (5), each level reflecting the complexity of the rite, thus increasing the skill of the ritesmaster needed to perform it. There are several categories, listed below.


Rites of accord restore a particular place or Garou to harmony and balance with Gaia. These rites purify and renew through a symbolic rebirth from Gaia’s womb.

System: Any Garou attempting to perform a rite of accord must possess a talen, fetish, or some piece of Gaia never touched by minions of the Wyrm or by human hands. The ritemaster makes a Charisma + Rituals roll (difficulty 7 unless otherwise noted).

Rite of Cleansing (Level 1):
Rite of Contrition (Level 1):
Rite of Renunciation (Level 2):
Rite of the Loyal Pack (Level 3):
Enchant the Forest (Level 4):
Rite of the Opened Sky (Level 4):


These rites are of vital importance to Gaia, for they aid in the opening, protection, and renewal of her most sacred spaces. Without such rites, the mystical flow of Gaia’s spiritual essence might cease, bringing spiritual barrenness and eventually death to even the most ferocious of werewolves.

System: These rites can be performed only within a caern. The dice pool required varies with each particular rite, but the maximum number of dice used cannot exceed the ritemaster’s Gnosis. Unless otherwise stated, the difficulty is 7.

Moot Rite (Level 1):
Rite of the Opened Caern (Level 1):
Rite of the Glorious Past (Level 3):
The Badgers Burrow (Level 4):
Rite of the Opened Bridge (Level 4):
Rite of the Shrouded Glen (Level 4):
Rite of Caern Building (Level 5):


Garou perform rites of death both to honor the departed and to reaffirm their connection to the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. In facing and acknowledging death as a necessary part of the dance of life, the pack and sept escape the burdens of grief and fear.

System: The ritemaster must make a Charisma + Rituals roll (difficulty 8 minus the Rank of the honored Garou).

Gathering for the Departed (Level 1):
Last Blessing (Level 1):
Rite of the Winter Wolf (Level 3):


These rites bring the Garou into direct contact with the Umbra and its denizens. Unlike most other rites, mystic rites are generally performed alone.

System: When performing a mystic rite, the ritemaster must make a Wits + Rituals roll (difficulty 7 unless otherwise stated).

Baptism of Fire (Level 1):
Rite of Binding (Level 1):
Rite of Growth (Level 1):
Rite of Heritage (Level 1):
Rite of the Cardboard Palace (Level 1):
Rite of the Questing Stone (Level 1):
Rite of Talisman Dedication (Level 1):
Rite of Becoming (Level 2):
Rite of Dreamtime (Level 2):
Rite of Spirit Awakening (Level 2):
Rite of Summoning (Level 2):
Descent Into the Underworld (Level 3):
Rend Trod (Level 3):
Rite of the Fetish (Level 3):
Rite of the Totem (Level 3):


Punishment rites levy the sanction of the tribe or sept against a transgressing werewolf. Such rites strengthen the Garou by establishing clear limits of acceptable behavior. By joining in the punishment, each Garou strengthens her commitment to the pack over the individual, and to the Nation over the pack.

System: Punishment rites are performed only for major transgressions or after less structured punishments fail to cause a werewolf to mend her ways. The ritemaster must make a Charisma + Rituals roll (difficulty 7 unless otherwise stated). A failed rite is considered a sign from Gaia that the offending werewolf’s crimes aren’t significant to warrant such a punishment. Because these rites are enforced and empowered by the spirit world, truly unjust punishment rites may fail automatically, leading to a sure loss of Honor for the one who ordered them.

Rite of the Jackdaw (Level 1)
Rite of Ostracism (Level 2):
Stone of Scorn (Level 2):
Voice of the Jackal (Level 2):
The Hunt (Level 3):
Rite of the Omega Wolf (Level 3):
Satire Rite (Level 3):
The Rending of the Veil (Level 4):
Gaia’s Vengeful Teeth (Level 5):


These rites celebrate both the specific accomplishments of an individual werewolf and his achievement of a new station in the pack or sept. Garou long to receive such rites as much as they fear facing a rite of punishment.

System: The ritemaster’s player must make a Charisma + Rituals roll (difficulty 6).

Rite of Boasting (Level 1):
Rite of Wounding (Level 1):
Rite of Accomplishment (Level 2):
Rite of Passage (Level 2):
Rite of Praise (Level 2):

Seasonal Rites

Seasonal rites vary from tribe to tribe and sept to sept. Each has its own means of celebrating the turning of the seasons. Some septs celebrate only the major rites of the solstices and equinoxes; others perform a rite at least once per moon.

These rites renew the People’s connection to Gaia as the Earth Mother. Some Garou even believe that were such rites to cease entirely, the balance of the world would tumble out into chaos.

System: Seasonal rites must, obviously, occur at the proper time of year, and at least five Garou must attend. The ritemaster’s player must make a Stamina + Rituals roll (difficulty 8). If performed at a caern, the difficulty of the roll is 8 minus the caern’s level.

Rite of the Winter Winds (Level 2):
Rite of Reawakening (Level 2):
The Great Hunt (Level 2):
The Long Vigil (Level 3):

Minor Rites

Minor rites are the rituals that the Garou incorporate into daily living. Almost all Garou know and use at least a few such minor rites. Many werewolves develop their own unique minor rites to help them reaffirm their connection to Gaia, or to meet the Final Days with bravery and grace.

System: Minor rites may be learned in half the time it takes to learn other rites, and generally take only a few minutes to enact. They can be purchased for half the normal Background cost of other rites (two for one point).

Bone Rhythms
A werewolf performs this rite to honor her totem spirit. Each spirit has a different rhythm connected to it, and the Garou taps out her spirit’s rhythm with special sticks to honor it. Such “sticks” are traditionally made of bone, but they can be fashioned from any material.

System: Any werewolf who performs this rite three times per day for at least three consecutive days gains an additional die to any one roll while in the Umbra. Once this die is used, the Garou must rebuild the energies for an additional three days before regaining the extra die.

Breath of Gaia
During this rite the werewolf breathes deeply of the Mother’s breath — clean air — 13 times. While so breathing, she clears her mind of all things save her love of Gaia.

System: The character must perform this rite at least once per day for one full cycle of the moon. Doing so enables her to lower the difficulty of any one healing or detection roll by two.

Greet the Moon
This rite is an exuberant paean to Luna. During this rite, the werewolf howls an elaborate greeting at moonrise; the howl varies with the phase of the moon.

System: Performing this rite each night at moonrise for a full phase of the moon enables the character to add one die to all rolls involving social interactions with Garou of that phase’s auspice the next night the moon is in the phase in question.

Greet the Sun
Certain Children of Gaia and a few Uktena and Wendigo practice this rite. It is similar to Greet the Moon, but is performed at sunrise.

System: The werewolf must sing Helios’s praises for nine consecutive sunrises. If the Garou does so, Helios grants his devotee an additional die when attempting to sense Wyrm
creatures or Wyrm-taint, provided the werewolf continues to sing his praises daily. If even one sunrise is missed, the rite must be begun anew to restore its benefits.

Hunting Prayer
This common rite takes many form, but always involves pausing before the start of a hunt to praise Gaia and all her creatures. In addition, the Garou selects some item to hold her prayers. The item could be anything from an old belt to a shark-tooth necklace, but the
werewolf must have it with her when she hunts. If she loses the item, she must choose a new one and begin her devotions anew.

System: If the Garou performs this rite before every hunt for three lunar months, she receives an additional die to all tracking rolls as long as she continues her pre-hunt prayers. If she neglects the prayer before even one hunt, she must begin the cycle again before she regains the bonus.

Prayer for the Prey
A specific form of the Rite of Contrition, this rite involves the werewolf stepping sideways into the Umbra just after making a kill, in order to thank her prey’s spirit for giving its life that she might survive.

System: The character must perform this rite upon every beast of Gaia (not including Wyrm-spawn) she slays for one full turning of the moon. Should she do so, all of her difficulty numbers drop by one when dealing with nature spirits. This bonus lasts until she kills an animal without taking time to thank the creature’s spirit.


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