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The Stargazers are loners by nature, they are the calmest and most introverted of the Garou, as well as the smallest of the remaining tribes. Their shrinking numbers and power, a result of the destruction of their homelands by the Wyrm, caused a number of changes to the tribe, most importantly in their alliances.


Always outsiders among the Garou Nation, the Stargazers claim to be descendants of the followers of Klaital Starcatcher, a sage from the East who preached moderation and harmony.

Early History

The original Stargazers are said to have come from India, specifically the Himalayas. During the Wars of Rage and the War of Shame, the great tragedies among the early Fera, the Stargazers chose the way of inaction, providing counsel to both sides of the conflict, but not (as a Tribe, however, individual packs and Garou might chose otherwise) intervening in the favour of either side.

Dark Ages

During this time, the Stargazers usually kept their own counsel, staying in their established territories and bothering not with the other ten tribes of the nation. It was only after a great Wyrm Beast was stirred within the Middle East and all tribes of Gaia’s warriors came to fight it, that the other tribes saw a Stargazer with their own eyes since the One Tribe split. After that, many Stargazers affiliated themselves formally with the Garou Nation but preferred to keep their own ways and traditions of enlightenment alive.

Victorian Age

Modern Nights

By the new millenium, the numbers of the Stargazers had dwindled to less than 500 across the world. Combined with the loss of many of their major caerns, the elders of the tribe realized drastic measures would have to be taken in order to ensure the survival of the Stargazers against the Wyrm.


The Stargazers are overseen by a number of elders, who work together to make decisions on behalf of the tribe. Although they command respect and loyalty, most of the elders are willing to compromise with lesser members of the tribe, a trait that was revealed most powerfully when the Stargazers changed their alliances.


Tribal Culture

The Stargazers, like many of the less-battle minded tribes, prize wisdom over all else. On the whole, they are extremely centered and less prone to Rage than other Garou, and are masters of riddles and problem solving. However, they are also loners in the extreme, although more willing to offer help and less mistrusted than their fellow nomadic Garou, the Silent Striders. The rare Stargazer Kinfolk is more likely to be lupine than human.

Religious Culture

One of the more unique aspects of the Stargazer culture is their martial art, Kailindo, which they use to not only fight, but channel their energies and make their mind, body, and soul act in a unified manner.

Character Creation: Stargazers encourage the development of Mental Attributes. The Mentor Background is common. The tribe’s asceticism means that Stargazers with Fetish
or Resources are rare; they also avoid the emotional bonds of Allies when they can.

Initial Willpower: 4
Beginning Gifts:

  • Balance
  • Channeling
  • Falling Touch
  • Iron Resolve
  • Sense Wyrm

Stargazers in St. Louis

The Stargazers operate out of Creve Coeur Caern. They also own a Hindu temple nearby.

1 Stargazer in St. Louis

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