A tribe is the “family” of a Garou, determining a werewolf’s social ties, totem, and spiritual connections. A Garou is not bound to join the tribe of their ancestry; a cub, for example, may not meet the standards expected of a tribe and is therefore unacceptable as a member. The personal philosophies of an individual Garou may also drive them to seek another tribe that meshes better with their views. Some tribes, such as the Black Furies and Children of Gaia, specialize in taking in cubs who were rejected by their ancestral tribes.

In order to become a full-fledged member of any tribe, ancestral or not, a Garou must pass a Rite of Passage, in which the totem of the tribe accepts them; only then are they viewed as a true tribe member and adult Garou.

There were originally sixteen tribes that formed after the Impergium split the One Tribe. Of these, 12 tribes serve the Garou Nation, one is a member of the Asian Beast Courts, one has fallen to the Wyrm, and two tribes no longer exist.

Garou Nation Tribes

Wyrm-Eaten Tribes

Independent Tribes

  • Siberakh

Extinct Tribes


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