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The Uktena are composed of the broadest base of cultures and considered one of the more primitive groups of Garou, the Uktena are also masters of the dark and forbidden knowledge.


Early History

The Uktena were part of the original tribes, or Pure Ones, who were the first to settle North America. The territories the Uktena came to eventually settle and control were Central and South America. Of the Pure Ones, they were known as “Older Brother”.

Dark Ages

Victorian Age

Modern Nights



Tribal Culture

The Uktena have a reputation for taking in refugees, particularly those who have had their homes and lands conquered and taken from them. While the majority of pure-bred members are Native American, there a fair number of Uktena who come from a mix of races and cultures that have had their numbers have been decimated and their old ways in danger of being lost forever.

While gifted in many spiritual practices, including the art of prophecy and visions, the Uktena are best known as hunters of the Wyrm and its Bane servants. While there is little argument that the Uktena are second-to-none when it comes to their abilities, it comes at a price. The Uktena have access to many ancient dark practices because of their broad culture, and while some have proven beneficial to the tribe, many others are probably best left undisturbed. While many seek the skills of the Uktena as hunters of the Wyrm, others distrust their dark abilities and fear the tribe may corrupt itself.

Political Culture

Ever since the coming of the Europeans to North America and the sacrifice of the Croatan, the Uktena remain markedly bitter towards the European tribes of Garou. Their closest ally is the Wendigo, but even “Younger Brother” has begun to wonder how far the Uktena will carry their dark practices.

Religious Culture

Uktena are essentially required to engage in occult and spiritual practices. While many direct these abilities against the Wyrm, others may find their talents in prophecy or in discovering lost lore.

Character Creation: Uktena value high Mental Attributes, the better to perceive and master their many spiritual advantages. Occult is quite common among the tribe, and Uktena tend to learn rites and pick up fetishes whenever they can.

Initial Willpower: 3
Beginning Gifts:

  • Sense Magic
  • Sense Wyrm
  • Shroud
  • Spirit of the Lizard
  • Spirit Speech

Uktena in St. Louis

Cliff Cave is controlled by the Uktena kinfolk. The area is strange and many disappearances are common in the area.

1 Uktena lives in St. Louis

Small Oaks


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