Silence enveloped it.

Existence in a void was all.

There was no sensation.

Form eventually began to take shape.

It began to sense that it was in pieces, scattered. Longing to be whole, it began to ache.

It started to comprehend time, as it passed slowly. An aeon became a moment, then another. Over and over until it saw it’s beginning and waited for the end.

The body neared completion and it sensed those who made it. Sound began to take form as the body grew. The sounds of creation and those that put it together began to be understood. It focused on the chaos and it took shape. They who made it began to talk more about the completion. Excitement became a flavor. Urgency became a feeling. Nervousness became a bane.

Its heart was missing. The heart was complete but was far away. Tests were being conducted on the heart. Over and over again it was forced to beat and then stopped. It ached more now. It could do nothing but wait. Parts of its body were tested and portions came alive then were stopped. Each time it became less chaotic and a pattern began to emerge. With each pattern it began to exist outside of the body. It began to sense things around it. It began to know. It was in pain. It began to scream without a heart and without a mouth. Where was the heart? Everything would change when the heart was put in place. Would the pain stop? Could it make the pain stop? It would make the pain stop. It would make those that put it together feel its pain. It would tear free. It would destroy. It would . . .

The heart began to move closer. The pain increased as it wanted to be whole immediately but it knew it would take time before it arrived.

It waited, shrieking silently into the void.

Werewolf the Apocalypse Rage Across St. Louis

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