Dax Gibbons

Drop out drifter




Has only 8 toes, 5 on left and 3 on right

Survival Knife which includes 100 ft of fish line with 5 hooks, fire starter, matches, 50ft paracord, 10" blade

machete hidden in backpack

Deep Scar: Much the same as a superficial scar, except that muscles are affected as well, and the scar aches when the humidity changes. 1 temporary Glory.


Dropped out of life at age 12, he has wandered his way across the country only to wind up here at such a time. born in tulsa OK, very well traveled, dax is older than his years. A very careful person.

Dax was killed by an elder Black Spiral Dancer while on a raid of the underground facility at the Contamination Site A – Glen Park.

Dax Gibbons

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