Growling Bear


Robert Davor Pulnik is a Homid Ahroun Shadow Lords

Leader of the Sovereigns and was also the leader of a small assault group with Petr and Ratimir in Bosnia.

He entered the military early and changed shortly thereafter. He was rescued by the local Jadefire Sept and set up as a special ops group with another garou he called Uncle. War broke out and Uncle was killed a month in which made Robert the leader of the team. He began to find other Garou in the field or in the script and had them transferred to his group. His group is very tight knit and have seen the same terrible things together.

There are rumors that he personally fought a Thunderwyrm that was used against them at one point but he will not talk about it.

When the war was over he left to protect his kinfolk in St. Louis.

Growling Bear was killed while on a raid of the underground facility at the Contamination Site A – Glen Park.

Member of The Sovereigns.

His son Marcus was killed in a suspicious accident while on a mission in 1997.

Robert blames Mateo for the death of his son. There were no witnesses but Marcus and Mateo were openly hostile towards one another.

Dark Tree was the first on the scene after the incident and he left the The Sovereigns to join the The Wall pack. There is a lot of hurt and anger towards him because Dark Tree will not speak of what he saw that day.

Growling Bear

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